The Chic Witch

Some time ago, the goth look became very popular. It was a look defined by dark clothes and dark make-up. Along with the look, pop culture was suddenly influenced by the occult as Wicca and Witchcraft became a popular fascination for the masses. While it might be hard to determine what caused the sudden interest […]

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An Ideal Image

Why is it that the heroine in most “chick flicks” have to undergo some transformation to find definition for themselves? Is it because there is a pervading social construct that, despite their struggle to find an independent self-definition, they still have to abide by? In The Devil Wears Prada, the female protagonist, Andie (Anne Hathaway),

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Introducing ChixFlix

Welcome to ChixFlix, the blog by “chicks” for anyone who has heard of “chick flicks,” whether they have an interest in this unique genre of films or not. To begin with, we hope to answer some basic questions: What is a “chick flick?” “The pop culture term ‘chick flick’ simply refers to films that are

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