Welcome to “ChixFlix,” a blog by chicks (a.k.a. women of all ages) for anyone, whether they have an interest in so-called “chick flicks” or not.

This blog is a presentation of five women in Charles Hatfield’s English 313 – Pop Culture class during the Spring of 2008 at California State University, Northridge. The five of us are Meredith, Jenn, Chelsea, Margeaux, and Laurie, and all of us have varying opinions on “chick flicks,” whether they’re good or bad and how they have played a role in the study of popular culture.

Our objective is to create and encourage a sociological discussion and critical thinking regarding “chick flicks” by using various themes and topics.

Please feel free to read more about this blog, its contributors, and more in our Introductory post.

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