How Chick Flicks Influence Different Fads: Flashdance & the 1980s

Flashdance DVD box coverIn the early 80’s, the movie Flashdance generated a whole movement in the fitness industry. Jazzercise classes popped up in towns from coast to coast. Women of all ages flocked to these classes. In particular, it had a big impact on dance wear. Women were tearing their t-shirts, donning leg warmers, and joining their “sisters” in not only getting into shape, but looking rather stylish while working out. Even well known designers were getting in on the act. From Chanel to Ralph Lauren, they were making “designer” torn t-shirts and colored leg warmers to match. It not only affected the fitness and fashion industries, but it also generated a whole movement in the beauty industry. Women were racing to their beauty salons for the “curly” hair that Ms. Beals, who played the main character in Flashdance, donned in the movie. This movie had a big impact on popular culture in the 1980’s.

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  1. FLASHDANCE is one of those wrong-side-of-the-tracks movies that puts its working-class (factory) girl protagonist into a revved-up, glamorous world. Maybe “working class chic” is a way to describe the jazzercise-style fashions popularized in the film? Torn clothes (excorporation!), creative use of cast-off stuff, etc.

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