From the Big Screen to the Streets: Fads

Legally Blonde Movie PosterFads are a huge part of culture and many times they are influenced by media. In particular, one movie that had a some what large influence on fashion fads was “Legally Blonde.” In the movie, the lead character Elle Woods is portrayed as a very fashion-conscious, but rather dim-witted stereotypical blonde. Where dialogue may have failed Reese Witherspoon’s character, fashion saved her. One fashion accessory was able to make its way from the big screen to the streets, and that was the signature Tiffany heart pendant. After the movie was released, the Tiffany heart pendant could be seen on many women. It’s rather interesting to see what an influence movies can have on the general population. While it may not be an important contribution, you can’t deny that chick flicks do have a certain amount of influence on society.

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  1. I agree that chick flicks have an influence on society in a number of ways. In the movie Legally Blonde, you see Elle with her little dog, nice nails, blonde hair, and cute accessories. I can’t count how many times I have seen these things in magazines sported by the stars. This has created a certain industry for advertising products. Most major brands will pay stars to wear their product in public and on a regular basis. If they are ‘caught’ wearing these products in magazines, they have just succeeded in their advertising scheme.

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