Introducing ChixFlix

Welcome to ChixFlix, the blog by “chicks” for anyone who has heard of “chick flicks,” whether they have an interest in this unique genre of films or not.

To begin with, we hope to answer some basic questions:

What is a “chick flick?”

“The pop culture term ‘chick flick’ simply refers to films that are geared toward the so called typical female consumer. Cinderella-type stories often dominate this movie category, which makes it seem as if movie executives believe that all little girls just want to be rich princesses. This criticism aside, chick flicks have grown since their genesis to encompass several genres such as drama and comedy, making the topic particularly interesting. As women’s role in society has grown, so have the varieties of chick flicks: that is why these movies are so important to western culture.” — Jenn


“The Chick Flick is a post-feminist construction where the heroine is always viewed as liberated and having influence.” — Laurie

Other questions we hope to eventually address:

Despite the feisty independence of leading ladies, do they still reflect a world where they must follow a particular moral code, less they be socially ostracized by their peers?

How do chick flicks influence different fads?

Different chick flicks are aimed at different age segments. What is the difference between the films clearly targeted toward one age group (say, pre-teens) versus a film that is targeted toward another age group (say, women 25 and up)? What is the difference in reactions toward women of different age groups when watching one particular “chick flick?”

The term “chick flick” is pretty new, but the concept’s been around for some time. How has the idea BEHIND a chick flick changed –if at all?

Regardless of your opinion on ‘chick flicks,’ what they are, the sort of actors that star in them, or what purpose (if any) they serve, we hope that you will find this blog enlightening and fun to read.

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